Ticket sales are live! Purchase your Surface Warrior Ball Tickets here!


E6 and BELOW E7-O5/Civilian (Non Spouse) O6 and ABOVE
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Please note, ticket purchases made via Paypal are subject to a $5 convenience fee. Tickets can also be purchased via check or cash from command representatives.

If tickets are purchased via Paypal, please email the Surface Warrior Ball Committee at Surfaceball@gmail.com, with the following information:
Name and rank:
Guest name and rank (if applicable):
Vegetarian (Yes/No):
Under 21 (Yes/No):
Once complete, inform your ship representative of purchase via Paypal.

Join us for the Surface Warrior Ball Golf Tournament on 15 May!

Golf Classic at Sycuan

Please use this link to paypal to purchase tickets to the golf tournament. Ticket prices are $90, plus a $5 convenience fee. After purchasing tickets, complete the below form with Name, Team Name, and Command/Unit (if applicable).

A paypal account is not required – and major credit cards are accepted. (to the left of the login)